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Epilän Esa in partnership with Finnish Orienteering Federation (FOF) and IOF invites you to the Finnish Sprint Orienteering Championships and World Ranking Event at Tampere on 19th of September 2015.

Event information:

Finnish Championship instructions:

The rules of FOF, special rules of the Finnish Championship and WRE rules will be followed In the competition. The rules of FOF are available on the website www.suunnistusliitto.fi. All the details and competition instructions will be posted on the competition web pages of the event organizer before the event.


H21 (=M21), H20, H18, H17, H16, H15, H14, H35-H85
D21 (=W21), D20, D18, D17, D16, D15, D14, D35-D85

Ideal times:

According to sprint distance regulations.

Starting fees:

The entry fee is 33€ for all competition classes. It covers both the qualification and final race.


The last date for entering the competition is September 9th 2015. After that, entries will not be allowed. The primary method for entries and payments is the FOF’s IRMA registration service https://irma.suunnistusliitto.fi/ This registration method is available for competitor representing a Finnish club. Foreign competitors not representing a Finnish club can register with the IOF Eventor registration service http://eventor.orienteering.org/Events In case you register with the Eventor registration service, please pay your entry fee simultaneously to Epilän Esa’s bank account defined below. Only paid entries are valid.

Payments primarily via IRMA system, for competitors with no access to IRMA the bank details for entry fee payments are the following:

Account owner:  Epilän Esa ry.
Bank name:  Nordea
IBAN:  FI09 2076 1800 0120 00


WRE athletes have to include their IOF IDs in their entry. The athletes who are not previously ranked should request for an IOF ID before entering a World Ranking Event. IOF athlete IDs can be obtained with following steps:

Go to eventor.orienteering.org, and click on Create user account. Please choose the first option: “I am an athlete participating in events”. After filling in your information, if you have earlier participated in WREs, IOF Eventor will ask you: “Are you this and this person”?

You will then have to choose yourself on the list, and your account will be merged with your results. NB: Even if the birth date/year is wrong (say, 01/01/1980), please choose the name that is yours. Many birthdates are wrong in the database. If you need to create a club, make sure to spell the name correctly. For user guides and frequently asked questions, please visit IOF Eventor Help&Support page. For more help, please contact eventor@orienteering.org

Alternatively, IOF athlete IDs can be requested from new_AthleteID@orienteering.org by using the instructions available in http://orienteering.org/foot-orienteering/event-organizing/world-ranking-instructions/

The embargoed area:

The embargoed area is shown in http://epilanesa.net/kilpailut/sm-sprintti-2015-in-english/embargoed-area/

It is forbidden for all potential competitors, trainers, team leaders etc. to visit these areas, unless the organizers and the IOF Senior Event Adviser have given permission according to IOF rules. Violation of the embargo will lead to exclusion from the event.

Guiding and event centre:

The nearest airport is Tampere-Pirkkala (TMP) about 15km from the event center, the second nearest is Helsinki-Vantaa (HEL), about 170km. Tampere can be accessed easily from Helsinki by train https://www.vr.fi/cs/vr/en/frontpage Also, regular bus lines operate from Helsinki-Vantaa to center of Tampere.

Driving instructions to the event centre will be posted from the Pispalan valtatie, Tampere on 19th of September at 07:00 am. It is recommended that Tampere Public Transportation will be used when approaching the event centre. The lines 8, 11, 13, 17, 29, 36, 80 and 85 drive by the event center and  the  center of Tampere. The bus stop number 1518 is near the event center. The time tables are available in http://aikataulut.tampere.fi/?lang=en  

For safety reasons, It is not allowed to park cars near the event center. The car parking is in the area of Teivo Racetrack described below.

It is also possible to drive by the event center with car and leave competitors near the event center. In this case, the drop-off zone of competitors is by the Epilän katu street, from which the distance to the event centre is about 400 meters. The map of drop-off zone will be added to the event web page.

The map of Tampere is available in http://www.paikkatietoikkuna.fi/web/fi/kartta?p_p_id=Portti2Map_WAR_portti2mapportlet&p_p_lifecycle=0&p_p_state=exclusive&published=true&viewId=5551.

More detailed guidance will be available in the final competition instructions and in the event website.

Car parking area:

The car parking area locates at Teivo Racetrack, which address is Ravitie, Ylöjärvi (61º 31' 45" / 23º 37' 49")). The driving instructions to the parking area will be posted from Vaasantie, road number 65. The map of parking area will be added to the event web page.

There is a regular bus transportation from the car parking area to the event center. The transportation time to the event center is approximately 10 minutes  A return ticket and  parking fee is 5€ in total. The fee will be paid either in the event center or in the bus when returning to the parking area. The first bus leaves from the parking area to the event center at 07:30 am. The regular bus transportation from the event center to the parking area starts at 12:00 am.

Timetable for the competition day:

The timetable of the qualification races will be posted to the website of the event on September 16th of 2015. The start lists of the qualification races will be prepared based on the FOF’s online sprint ranking on September 9th of 2015, and in the classes M21 and W21, based on the Sprint Orienteering World Ranking  on September 9th of 2015 following the rules of IOF and FOF.

First start of the qualification race is at 09:30 am.

The B-finals will start at 13.00 and the A-finals at 14.00.


The map is prepared according to the international specification for Sprint Orienteering Maps (ISSOM2007). The scale of the map is 1:4000 and it has the contour interval of 2 meters. The printed map has dimensions of A4 sized paper and it will be printed in July. All maps will be in plastic cases.

Punching system:

Electronic punching system Emit will be in use. The Emit number must be given when registering the competitor to the event. If competitor’s registration information does not contain Emit number, the event organizer will provide a Emit card with fee of 5€. This card must be returned to the event organizer after the final event. If such card is not returned after the final event, 75€ will be charged afterwards.

Competition clothing:

It is not allowed to use neither spiked shoes nor shoes with studs.

Number bibs:

All classes wear number bibs. No safety pins will be needed. The bibs are available at the quarantine zone, also for the classes H35 – H85 and  D35 – D85. The new bibs will be provided for the A-finals. 

Quarantine and distances to start:

The quarantine closes for classes H14 – H21 and D14 – D21 at 10:00 am. For the Group 1, the distance from the event center to the quarantine is approximately 1400 meters. The distance from that quarantine to the start of Group 1 is approximately 200 meters. The competitors will be called from the quarantine 6 minutes before the assigned start time.

The classes of Group 2 use another quarantine zone, which locates about 1500 meters from the event centre. The route to the start passes by the quarantine zone of the Group 1, from which the distance to the start of the Group 2 is 100 meters. The Group 2 does not have quarantine.    

There are toilets and warmed shelters in the quarantine zone.

In the A-finals, the distance to quarantine zone is 1300 meters. The distance from the quarantine zone to start is 700 meters. The quarantine zone closes at 14:15. There are toilets and warmed shelters in the quarantine zone.

In the B-finals, the distance from event centre to start is 1800 meters. The route to the start passes by the quarantine zone of the A-finals, from where the distance to the start is 500 meters. B-finals does not have quarantine, but toilets and warmed shelters are available when passing by the quarantine zone of the A-finals.

The event organizer transports competitors’ equipment from the quarantine zone to the event centre. The equipment must be packed in a bag that is provided and properly name tagged by the competitor.

Clothing change and showers:

Competitors can change clothing indoors as well as indoor showers are available.

Dining area & cafeteria:

There is a dining area and cafeteria at the competition centre.

Child care:

Child care Is available at the competition centre.

Main officials:

Event Director Kari Maijala
Course Setter Petri Annila
Mapper Kimmo Viertola
Media Jari Toivonen 
Course Controller Matti Mäntyniemi
Technical Advisor &
IOF Event Advisor
Jari Kymäläinen



Jari Toivonen

We are looking forward to meeting you in Tampere!

Epilän Esa ry