Event Center

The figure below shows the map of the Event Center. The blue polygon indicates the parking area that is reserved only for bicycles. The yellow polygons indicate the areas that are reserved for club tents. The tents must be at least 5m distance from the edge of the area. This 5 meter region is reserved for spectators and it also forms the walking route inside the area. INFO locates in the gravel yard in the center of figure. In addition, the finnish, first aid, guidepost and 20 toilets (bajamaja) locate close to INFO. There is also bus stop marked in the upper part of the figure. From that bus stop, the buses operate between the event center and Teivo car parking area. Child care locates inside the school building. The entrance locates on the right side of the shool building on the map.

In finals, competitors’ equipment are transported from the quarantine area to the bicycle parking area.

Map of Event Center. When clicking the picture with mouse, a larger map will be opened.